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 The key to innovation 1.The digit control system with high speed reed motion piling terry mechanism ( patent No. ZL 2012 1 0559088.1) 2.Filling picks at inching speed or high speed to handover the picks with accuracy and stability.  3. The picks finding linkage mechanism without disengaging mechanism( patent No. ZL 2014 1 0375947.0). 4.16cm thickne..
The key to innovation: 1.New picking finding system, free-maintenance. 2.YOUCHENG NEW full digit control system for terry mechanism( patent: ZL 2013 1 0201793.9) 3.The widened aluminium reed battening mechaninsm with four linkages. 4.The longer of filling insertion mechanism 5. YOUCHENG 2014 new version control system 6.New saving energy system ..
1.To adopt YOUCHENG newest full digit control system for implement the dynamic control of terry height, weft density, ground warp tension, terry warp tension and satin fabric tension. 2.With digit system to set terry height and adjust terry height on panel. Be able to set any type of terry at random, such as:wavy terry, forward and reverse saw-tooth terry, longitudinal high&am..
1. to set pulling length of fringe at random, sutomatic stop to pulling fringe and re-start again automatically, constant tension, pulling fringe 20mm/second, saving time and consumption. 2. U disk interface, weaving for 60000 picks scarf, processing software is free of charge. 3. with let off, shedding, take-up of slow motion function for pick finding for elimination broken w..
1. Dobby with 20pieces of levers(14 heald frames, 6color selector) or dobby with 24 pieces of levers(18 heald frames, 6color selector) 2. checked&approved by national quality supervisor center of textile machinery and received quality certificate. 3. with let off, shedding, take-up with slow motion function for pick finding for elimination broken weft fabric( Patent No. ZL..
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