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910SK II moderate speed jacquard towel rapier loom

1.To adopt YOUCHENG newest full digit control system for implement the dynamic control of terry height, weft density, ground warp tension, terry warp tension and satin fabric tension.

2.With digit system to set terry height and adjust terry height on panel. Be able to set any type of terry at random, such as:wavy terry, forward and reverse saw-tooth terry, longitudinal high&low terry, transverse high&low terry and 3-7 picks terry at random.

3.The modified picking insertion with 6 links, short link for beating up.

4.To adopt center shaft for starting and brake, with gear transmission on both sides of rocker shaft for beating up, to make sure the beating up force at middle position for heavy weigh fabric.

5.Box type slay feet, the large diameter rocker shaft with bearings and the specialized width of slay structure to make sure the beating up force at middle position on the broad loom without deformation.

6.To adopt the electronic servo control system for take up, each pick and be set to implement the synchronization for weaving of changeable weft density.

7.To adopt the electronic system to letoff, weft density increasing and decrease synchronously with sensitive and tension stability.

8.Full digit control system of slay movement with bearings structure of eccentric cam rotation for terry.

9.Large LCD screen, both Chinese and english interface, USB transfer files, speed display

10.Pieces of towel can be set, stop automatically when reach calculated length, with encoder count length and fix length function.

11.To adopt servo motor for let off of terry warp, with digit system for setting tension of terry fabric and satin fabric, to increase the tension of satin fabric automatically for weaving satin fabric demand.

 12.Selfdiagnosis function, Chinese and english prompt, design for standard modular circuit, LED tube display operation status, easy maintenance with low cost.

13.New function with pick finding linkage system for shedding, let off and take up, without manual for adjusting gears and terry.

14.Fixed picks stop function, can be set to stop at any weft position at random

15.Enclosed or non-closed electronic dobby with 20.24 levers, 14-18 frames.

16. Beam size, terry beam:800mm, 700mm, 600mm, ground warp beam:600mm

17.Dropper: for terry warp 4rows, for ground warp 2 rows

18. Can be worked with big electronic jacquard.

19. Maximum rolling fabric diameter:550mm, YOUCHENG large package apparatus on request


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