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The characteristic of 910SK II towel rapier loom with full digit control system & medium speed

The key to innovation:

1.New picking finding system, free-maintenance.

2.YOUCHENG NEW full digit control system for terry mechanism( patent: ZL 2013 1 0201793.9)

3.The widened aluminium reed battening mechaninsm with four linkages.

4.The longer of filling insertion mechanism

5. YOUCHENG 2014 new version control system

6.New saving energy system

1.With YOUCHENG 2014 new full digit Electrical integration system, to control the height of terry, weft density, tension of ground end beam and tension of terry end beam with full digit setting and dynamic control system precisely.

2.With digit number for setting height of terry, setting height of terry, wave terry, saw tooth terry on fabric of pros and cons, terry height in vertical direction, terry height in horizontal direction, 3-7 picks to be set at randomly.

3.With electronic digit control with servo motor for take up, can be set density of any one picks for weaving, and while weaving density changes synchronously.

4.Adopt electronic digit control for let- off, which works with the weft density of variety synchronously, sensitivity and tension stability. With digit numbers for setting tension.

5.The digit control for reed motion of eccentric cam rotating piling terry  mechanism with bearings ( Patent No. ZL 2013 1 0201793.9)

6.With digit control for let off of terry beam, digit number for setting terry tension and satin fabric tension for weaving requirements.

7.Large LCD screen,Chinese-English version change over interface, U disk for transfer file, speed display function ( touch screen on request)

8.Fault self-diagnosis function, the prompt in Chinese and English, circuit design by using a standard module, LCD display working condition, easy maintenance and cost less.

9.The standard width of fabric(mm) 2000,2300,2600,2800,3000

10.New generation of non- disengaging linkage mechanism for pick finding of shedding, let off and take up, free maintenance.

11.Stop for picks fixed, can be set stopping at any picks, and setting picks stop during weaving for pulling lace.

12.The modified type of longer six linkage mechanism for filling insertion, four linkage shorter battening for reducing breakage.

13.With new central shaft for starting, braking.  Bilateral gear transmission of shorter beater of rocking shaft of super strong battening mechanism for battening of heavy towel fabric at middle of loom.

14.Box-type reed foot, shorter and large diameter rocking shaft with bearings of extra wide batten structure for battening force without distortion at middle of loom.

15.Large diameter take up roller to make sure no hook up and the length of same of fabric. Appearance novel with new protection board.

16.Can set number of pieces of towel fabric, automatic stop when up to the fixed pcs of towel fabric. The encoder meter length and fixed length function.

17.Speed of loom: 180-250rpm( for230mm), main motor is controlled by CPU, speed stepless.

18.Enclosed and non closed type of electronic dobby, 20 or 24 levers, 14 to 18 fames, work with big jacquard.

19.6 to 8 color weft selector

20.Beam: Terry beam Ø800mm,Ø700mm,Ø600mm,

         Ground beam Ø600mm,Ø700mm.

21. Max.rolling diameter: Ø550mm, on request YOUCHENG large package apparatus.

22.Stop motion: electronic stopping motion, for terry 4lines, for ground 2lines.  

23.YOUCHENG new intelligent electricity saving system,

When stop it automatically enters power-saving state.

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