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YouCheng GS1000 high speed towel rapier loom

 The key to innovation

1.The digit control system with high speed reed motion piling terry mechanism ( patent No. ZL 2012 1 0559088.1)

2.Filling picks at inching speed or high speed to handover the picks with accuracy and stability. 

3. The picks finding linkage mechanism without disengaging mechanism( patent No. ZL 2014 1 0375947.0).

4.16cm thickness wallboard for enforcing the stability

5.To make sure the battening up for broad width of loom.with the oversize diameter oscillation shaft.

6.New type YOUCHENG control system with more humanization and more saving energy.

7.Super power main motor

Main specifications;

Width of loom:200cm.230cm.260cm.280cm.300cm.


Speed of loom:280rpm to 480 rpm

Piling terry mechanism: The digit control system of high speed reed motion for piling mechanism ( patent No. ZL 2012 1 0559088.1)

Filling picks mechanism: high speed parallelism rotation of upside down pinion rack mechanism for filling picks. 

Picking finding mechanism: original creative mechanism without disengaging device for picking finding with maintenance free,(patent: 201410375947,0)

Battening up mechanism: Conjugate cam drive with oversize diameter (Ø100mm) for battening up

Guiding rail, rapier gripper, griper tape:the single suspension guiding hook, narrow tape, small gripper without hookup weft yarn to reduce the yarn broken, the yarn quality requirement is not high.

Mai motor Super power motor without clutch and brake mechanism.

Weft selection mechanism: stepping motor drive with fan shape 8 colors selectors.

Warp beam:Terry warp beam Ø1000mm, ground warp beam: Ø800mm

Control system:YOUCHENG NEW 2015 VERSION with full digit control system, the whole working angle datum to be set directly, touch screen interface, digit control for taking up, let-off and let off terry yarn tension, digit control for piling terry, auto-picking finding, stopping at picks fixed, auto-pulling lace, the droppers for terry warp and ground warp to display separately, saving energy system, to calculate the statistics of shift output with production efficiency for 30 days.

Processing edit:with computer for editing, datum modification at touch screen, transferring document with U disk.

Signal synchronization:to make communication and automatic   circulation with jacquard synchronously( more easier and simpler for editing and co-ordinate with jacquard)

Wallboard:16cmthickness of wallboard for enforcing the stability   

Update in later period: to be used as the high speed reed motion airjet terry loom.

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