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Weaving machinery: the pursuit of higher added value
From:Jiangsu Youcheng CNC Technology Co.,Ltd. Post Time:2015-5-9 9:47:32

With the needs of individual users continue to strengthen, loom is modular, versatility, high speed, energy saving and other advantages are more user firms. In order to change the current total demand of industry continues to decline, many new design enterprise software covering theloom loom broad field from cotton fabric to glass fiber, while continuing to strengthen the automation and intelligent equipment.

Based on the understanding of the exhibition can be found, the loomopening device, cam opening and multi arm device reliability inadaptability and operation of products has been further improved, andfast connection system opening device installation, replacement efficiency is also improved, to the development of high speed jacquarddevice and multi pin number trend the more obvious.

As the important index of air-jet loom, air-jet loom economic performance and evaluation, consumption of air jet loom with compressed air jet loomspeed continues to improve, the importance is more prominent. In order to reduce weft insertion required for compressed air consumption, manyenterprises to optimize the loom weft insertion system design, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the target air jet loom. The currentmainstream foreign models reflects the modular design concept, whichnot only keeps the interchangeability between mechanism or device with the original product, and that enterprises need according to the requirements of the weaving process of different fabrics, the most suitable mechanism or device. Overall, high speed, stable, air-jet loomversatility, high added value and energy saving features more prominent.

In addition, a lot of rapier loom in energy saving under the foot work, thepower consumption is only half of the improved air jet loom. The rapier loom is also used modular design concept, highly automated digitalcontrol technology, and constantly improve the convenience of operationand compact equipment structure, and to minimize the maintenance cost.

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