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Rapier weaving machine working principle, why is it called the rapier
From:Jiangsu Youcheng CNC Technology Co.,Ltd. Post Time:2015-5-9 9:45:47

The composition of the loom

1, the opening mechanism: according to the fabric weave, the warp apart,forming a shed, for weft insertion.

2, the weft insertion mechanism: the weft thread into the shed.

3, the beating up mechanism: introduced into the weaving shed weft,forming fabric.

4, the take-up mechanism: the woven fabric away from the fabric forming area, a certain volume.

5, let off mechanism: according to the need and supply of warp weaving,the warp tension has certain.

6, frame, starting, braking, transmission mechanism.

7, protection device: prevention of fabric defects, safe operation.

8, automatic feeding device: after the weft weft, weft automatically.

9, multi-color weft supply device: interleaving alternately supply differentweft, without stopping.

Shuttleless loom is the basic characteristics of the common filling package is separated from the shuttle, or only carry a small amount ofyarn with small and light weft insertion device instead of large and heavyshuttle, provides favorable conditions for high speed weft. In the weftsupply, directly using the full package, the weft storage device into theweft insertion mechanism, the loom to get rid of the frequent movement of the weft make-up. Use of shuttleless looms to increase fabric varieties,adjusting the fabric structure, fabric defects, reduce the quality of fabric,reduce the noise, it is important to improve the working conditions. Highspeed shuttleless weaving loom, usually have higher efficiency than 4-8 times, so the popularization and application of the large area of shuttleless loom, can greatly improve labor productivity. Due to the structure of the shuttleless loom is improving, with a wide range of materials, increasingly high precision processing, coupled with the development of world science and technology, electronic technology,micro electronic control technology is gradually replacing the mechanical technology, manufacturing of shuttleless loom is metallurgy, machinery,electronics, chemical and hydrodynamic force of multidisciplinary, high-tech product electronic technology, computer technology, precision machinery technology and textile technology. Air jet loom by the tensionsensor for the detection of warp tension is controlled by the CPU general,open, loose, the warp beam, the change of the coil diameter of warp tension change, so as to ensure the accuracy and the warp warpconstant tension. The jet loom uses motion computer technology and other electronic technology on the machine control, especially automaticmonitoring on the quality of the products, which greatly improves the production efficiency of air-jet loom. But at the same time, requirementsof electronic control system of air-jet loom is increasingly high, not only tohigh performance, good stability, convenient repair, low failure rate, but also can adapt to high temperature and high humidity, hairiness and dust environment, the power supply fluctuation, cluster interference also hasstrong anti-interference requirements.

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