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How to improve the service life of high-speed rapier loom
From:Jiangsu Youcheng CNC Technology Co.,Ltd. Post Time:2015-5-9 9:41:53

High speed rapier loom to high speed, high efficiency, high quality of textile, has now been widely used in the textile industry. In order to improve its service life, make it better service for the textile industry, in the process of using, should do the following things.

First of all, before the use of high-speed rapier loom, to do the cleaning work, all parts are clean and dry, but also about the main parts oflubricating oil, so, when working, it can reduce the friction loss of theparts, slow speed. After about the parts of the screws are not fixed, there is no loosening of the situation, at the same time to see whether the gapaccords with national standard, wait until all after check, can be used.

Secondly, on a regular basis to adjust the internal parts of equipment,mainly to adjust the size of the gap, this adjustment generally every year to four. The adjustment when the first thin parts unloading, cleaning,adjustment and lubrication, or replace, remember to go back after the installation angle adjustment, meet the needs of the work, it can be very good to extend the service life of the machine.

Finally, using the tools of high-speed rapier loom, such as scissors,cutter edge is also to regular maintenance. Also, pay attention to bearing sheath gas. Often observed when in use, once found, the lack of oil, gasimmediately.

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