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Reduce maintenance work to extend the life of light machine you do it
From:Jiangsu Youcheng CNC Technology Co.,Ltd. Post Time:2015-5-9 9:39:21

From the overall structure of light machine, belongs to the good people,the most widely used, because of its performance. But also becausemore and more areas of work, the light machine wear relatively quickly, ifrelevant at this time people have to do maintenance work, it willaggravate the wear degree. To let the light machine work performance will not be affected in any way, so prolong the service life, people to lightmachine maintenance work to do the maintenance work to do? What kindof people?

First, improve the work efficiency, if the light side machine in the fault, thework efficiency is much lower. To improve the work efficiency, so themaintenance work can not be ignored. Therefore, in this respect, as long as the work efficiency is done deliberately.

Second, reduce the accident rate, when the light machine in continuous work, if the problem is serious, the fault will be more serious, so whenpeople still can not be solved timely, it caused great damage to the lightside of the opportunity, serious may cause harm to people's body. From the equipment for personal health, it is necessary to do the relatedmaintenance work.

In short the light machine work efficiency, work breakdown, domaintenance work is absolutely necessary.

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